Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiny House - Nomadicism Wanted

Hey all to anyone reading this. You know who you might be. I am really interested in changing my living situation, gaining more independence from my family, and finding a way to live more sustainably in greater harmony with nature.

I also desire to be somewhat nomadic as most of my happiness has been roadtripping around the U.S.A. Since I have my micro practice I should be able to do a lot of it from just about anywhere with internet. I plan to have a probate for less website and really try and focus on California Probates. I will do it entirely digital with no kept paper copies. Client files will be entirely digital. In the event that someone wants their client files back I will just burn them a dvd this way I don't have to photocopy a whole file everytime that happens. Hopefully all data and software could all be cloud based so I could work from any laptop, tablet or phone with speedy internet access.

I would also like to build myself a tiny house and get into community gardening. I have applied at a local community garden for a waiting list spot. I have no idea how long that would take to get a garden plot assigned.

As far as tiny houses I am thinking of a modified Fencl by Tumbleweed Houses.

But I would try and build it as cheaply as possible using repurposed wood and other supplies. The idea is to make it sustainable and relatively cheap wherever possible. I believe that eventually these will be the new realities for our world as we are forced by declining energy returns to power down.  I have been inspired by lots of people blogging and posting youtube videos of their building tiny homes experiences. 

A woman named Zoey has a good blog showing how she used ingenuity to  repurpose as much as possible in building her sustainable tumbleweed home. She herself was inspried by Dee Williams who built her own Tumbleweed House with repurposed materials.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Guitar Bucket List

Audiophiles I need your help. I am making my guitar list of amazing blues rock songs I want to be able to play.  I am finally getting to one of my New Years Resolutions. This one involves Guitar and getting better at it. I am going to be taking lessons again at Westwood Music .

I'm making an ambitious list of songs that I want to be able to play someday:
  • Ain't nobody home - BB King
  • All along the Watchtower - Jimmi Hendrix's version
  • Little Wing - SRV version *
  • Pride and Joy - SRV 
  • Ohh La La - Rod Stewart 
  • First Cuts the Deepest - Rod Stewart 
  • Picture - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow 
  • Give me just one reason - Traci Chapman 
  • Me and Bobby McGee - The Dead or Janis Joplin versions
  • Melisa - The Allman Brother's Band 
  • Simple Man - Lynard Skynard 
  • The Ballad of Curits Lowe - Lynard Skynard 
  • That Smell - Lynrrnd Skynard
  • Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty and the HeartBrekers
  • Carolina Blues - Blues Traveler 
  • Whipping Post - The Allman Brother's Band 
  • Are you Gonna Go my Way - Lenny Kravitz 
  • Jessica - The Allman Brother's Band 
  • Revolution - The Beattles 
More to be added

* my dad once insisted that he wanted blues music played at his funeral. So I intend to master this one as a final tribute to my Dad and all he meant to me.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011


Just because we just had Halloween doesn't mean its too early to start thinking of awesome costumes for next year. Besides right now after Halloween a lot of Halloween costumes and Halloween costume materials are on sale. My local costume stores had signs before Halloween saying 50% off November 1.

As you can see by my post on how to make an Alan from the Hangover Halloween Costume, its really fun to have a kick-ass costume. A really good costume demonstrates excellence and affluence seems to instantly increase your social status at any party on Halloween. Also its a nice ice breaker to talk to people of both sexes.

So far I have come up with a few possible ideas.
  • Alan from the Hangover sequel ( if he wears something iconic enough and the movie doesn't suck)
  • Magnum P.I. (eighties Hawaiian Private Investigator played by Tom Selleck)
  • Duffman ( the character from the Simpsons)
  • Stormtrooper ( from the Star Wars series)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How to be a good "Alan" in the Hangover for Halloween


Zach Galifianakis as Alan in the "Hangover"
Okay. So I had so much fun last year that I decided to be "Alan" with Carlos again from the Hangover as my Halloween Costume.The Alan Character was played by the always quirky and funny Zach Galifianakis. I figured since now I had two years of showing up chumps in lesser versions of the costume I would tell the world how to do it.

So how do you do it? Can you still do it?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scarriest Market Indicator Yet

Well this article on CNBC is simply terrifying. It states that insider selling in corporate america is presently rampant. The ratio of insider selling to buying is 3,177 to one, in three industrial sectors.

Apparently the article focuses on the top ten companies in the Nasdaq, retailers, and semiconductor market segments.

The contrary opinion stated in the article is essentially that this information reflects more on the cash flow problems of corporate executives as their pay and bonuses have allegedly been slashed. And ofcourse many of their real estate investments are under water so they don't want to sell them.

Could this be the precursor to a huge market correction? Could we see a P/E multiple contraction to reflect the tremendous risk perceived in holding dollar assets?

This commentator is trying to decide what to sell to have significant cash around to take advantage of a market correction.

With gold and silver this high its difficult to continue to bet on it going up. If gold hits $1500 an ounce I will likely sell off a majority of my tiny position in it. I haven't yet sat down to pontificate on what silver price would lead me to sell.

One strange anomaly of late is that the Gold and Silver ETFs seem to go down on the same day that the stock market goes down. I suppose this could be a reflection of a strengthening dollar causing less foreigners to invest in the market and also perhaps fewer people to buy precious metals as a hedge against a declining dollar. This seems counter intuitive to me. If we have a major breakdown in the market ( which I expect at some point) which would be further asset depreciation we could see a rally in the commodities ( staples inflation). Call me a pessimist but I see this worst of all worlds situation as a real possibility. Other nightmares include a Japan style endless recession and deflated asset prices that never come back.
However, the optimist in me realizes that great market fluctuations such as this create real opportunities for the smart contrarian investor willing to go against the crowd have ample cash and take advantage of a potential sale on dividends. If dividend yields go up as a consequence I plan to be on a stock shopping spree.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wish list

Wish list

Launched Outdoor Blog

Just to announce I have launched a hobby project, a blog called Outdoors Los Angeles.
I hope to use it to post about all things outdoors for Southern Californians. I hope to post trip reviews, gear reviews, book reviews, and any other information that would be interesting to an outdoorsy person in the Los Angeles area.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking a break from Facebook

Hey all,

I thought one or two of you rss subscribers might get this. After my friend Mark (no not valencia) described deactivating his facebook account I decided to take the plunge yesterday. Apparently all my stuff is still there and can be recreated.

Just taking a break from it. So please don't think I am blocking you or anything.