Friday, July 06, 2007


Greetings all from Room 232 of the Bristlecone Motel in Beautiful downtown Ely, Nevada.
Miles driven today: 552.8. Approximate Miles to go to Ketchum, ID: 329.
Approximate Average Gas Mileage today: 35.7

Mile Zero this morning in my garage in Los Angeles, CA.

Mile 100, about 10 miles outside Mojave, CA.

Mile 200, somewhere before Bishop, CA I think.

Mile 300, Benton, CA.

Mile 400, about 10 Miles beyond Tonapah, NV.

Mile 500, about 50 miles before Ely, NV.

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Billtron said...

552, huh? And no nighttime driving? Someone was going above the speed limit.