Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mountain Biking on Bald Mtn.

Hey All,

My sister, Brian and I went mountain biking on Bald Mtn today. Basically we rented mountain bikes from Sturtevant's in Ketchum. But these weren't just any mountain bikes. They had full suspension, front and rear and we were glad to have it. Then we got a lift ticket to ride up to the top of the mountain from the river run side (the only side open in the summer). It was amazing and so much fun. Now I can see what the lady at Helen's in Santa Monica was talking about. Its so much fun to scream down a trail with a bike with full suspension. My sister fell a couple of times and got a big bruise on her ass but she isn't complaining much. I fell twice but only got a couple of really minor scratches. So much fun, I will have to do that again later.

Anyway enjoy this video of me going down a cat path, sorry no videos of me on the actual trail. Maybe my sister will be more patient next time.

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