Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Glacier National Park Photos

Per Billtron's request I will attempt to explain the photos without being able to look at them again. The photos of the house looking thing are of the Hostel in Polebridge, MT just outside Glacier National Park. I stumbled upon the charming little town of polebridge on the way to Kintla Lake. The inner North Fork Road is closed to protect a critical wolf habitat and I was forced to detour outside the park. The photos of the mercantile are of the store/ bakery. This is truly one of the best bakeries in the world. Best I can figure its at least partly because of the good well water there. The place is devoid of scotts or irish people lest they would be distilling there I am certain. The Northern Lights Cafe is also excellent and you can get a great meal there along with an organic Pale ale.
The hostel is old worldly, with no real electricity, propane mantle lamps. It does have refrigerators and stove and oven running on propane as well as hot showers. However the toilet is in the form of a dual outhouse. There are old tools, lanterns and cast iron hung all over the walls and the place oozes a rustic mountain charm of which many a mountain town has foolishly rid itself.

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Billtron said...

Is that someone's house? Explain all these photos! Tell us about the leather couches and old men with their arms around your shoulder!