Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dell Customer Service Problems

Well my Dell problems are still not resolved. We have gotten so fed up with the you need to call back in 2-3 business days constant routine for a few weeks , so we decided to dispute the charges with the credit card.

I am so tired of dealing with rude Indian customer service reps on the phone. I have been lied too repeatedly, and hung up on several times. I can't get a straight answer and they insist that I keep calling them even though to reach a human being takes between 5-10 minutes and thats each time you get hung up on too!


Here is a metafilter question I asked with some guidance for how to handle a problem with Dell Customer Service.

Dell you lost my business for life. As a business owner who will be growing my business for decades to come the loss of my business as well as all the other owners you have no doubt pissed off, will eventually catch up with your bottom line and share price.

See you in Chapter 11@!

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