Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twinedog Climbs Mt. Whitney July 25, 2009

After much anticipation the Twinedog finally climbed Mt. Whitney. If at first you don't succeed try at least once more!

Well after dedicating a couple of days off work (its good to be the boss) my friend Zac, Joe and I headed up to Lone Pine with the intention of climbing Mt. Langley, a 14,000 footer but not quite whitney.

However, when we arrived at the multi-agency visitor center in Lone Pine, CA we discovered that they indeed had 7 cancellations for that day, Thursday July 23, 2009.

So we were issued permits on the spot and took off for the portal, after a quick stop at a sporting goods store.

We didn't get on the trail till like 11:50 a.m. because we had to pack up all our gear. The first day we made it to Outpost Camp and spent a leisurely night.

The next day we got up early, packed up our gear and made it to Trail Camp. After a long afternoon and nights rest, we were more than ready to summit Whitney the next morning.
I had planned on a three day approach so that we could acclimate to the high altitude, especially because I wasn't in the best shape.

The final day we didn't pack up our gear but instead left the tents up and carried small summit packs. It still took like 4 hours to reach the summit and an additional 2 hours to get back.

But an amazing trip! Totally worth it!

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