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Halloween Costume Ideas 2011


Just because we just had Halloween doesn't mean its too early to start thinking of awesome costumes for next year. Besides right now after Halloween a lot of Halloween costumes and Halloween costume materials are on sale. My local costume stores had signs before Halloween saying 50% off November 1.

As you can see by my post on how to make an Alan from the Hangover Halloween Costume, its really fun to have a kick-ass costume. A really good costume demonstrates excellence and affluence seems to instantly increase your social status at any party on Halloween. Also its a nice ice breaker to talk to people of both sexes.

So far I have come up with a few possible ideas.
  • Alan from the Hangover sequel ( if he wears something iconic enough and the movie doesn't suck)
  • Magnum P.I. (eighties Hawaiian Private Investigator played by Tom Selleck)
  • Duffman ( the character from the Simpsons)
  • Stormtrooper ( from the Star Wars series)

Although the Hangover Sequel is allegedly currently filming as of the time of this writing according to IMBD, I can't find any images of what Alan is wearing yet. Also if the movie is a total dud I may not want to use it. If the movie is as awesome as the first then an Alan Sequel costume may be another great costume. If you can get someone else to dress up as Stu and  Phil that would be awesome. Their costumes would actually be pretty easy for someone to dress up as. For Stu it seems to be Kakhi pants , a polo and some black wax for the missing tooth. I think Phil could basically wear a modern blue suit.

I somehow doubt that Alan will tote a baby again but who knows. In 2010, an extremely attractive woman told me it was hot that I had a baby and I must have a giant c&ck because most men would be too insecure to wear a baby. i am not sure about her logic but I like where it took her. Many of the other ones wanted to play with Carlos and did at various times throughout the evening.
  • Could be a great costume if Alan wears something strange
  • Easier to gain weight for a gut than to cut weight.
  • Potential Group Costume
  • Have to grow or put on a beard
  • could be expensive
  • probably no baby for women to grab/ play with


Magnum P.I. is a popular television show from when I was a kid in the eighties. Its a pretty simple costume in that mostly you would need tight fitting blue jeans, a red Hawaiian shirt (which I already have), aviator sunglasses, a detroit tigers baseball cap, a bushy brown wig (unless you are naturally so endowed), a fake mustache, maybe a fake plastic 45 like magnum would characteristically holster in his back pant waist, and the distinctive ring that Magnum, Rick and T.C. all used to wear from their days in the special forces in Vietnam. You could round it out with a Ferrari Keychain as a suttle hint. You could even get a recording of the theme song and have someone play it before you enter or wear tiny speakers and an ipod. It would be super awesome to get someone else to go out as Higgins, Rick & T.C.. 
  • Potential Group Costume
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Reusable and Classic
  • Would likely be dieting before Halloween to pull off skinny ( unless go as over the hill magnum)
  • Have to have a killer tan which isn't always easy in October

Duffman is that rather obnoxious spokesperson for Duff beer on the Simpsons. I suppose you could also be Düffman the fake imported beer that Moe made up to entice Homer and his friends that one time.

As you can see the costume would involve a red Duff hat, a blue muscle man costume with a cutoff shirt. A friend was Duffman a few years ago and had used a superman costume that he adapted. I plan to do the same thing. Additionally, one would need White boots or boot covers, a red cape, sunglasses, a blond wig, white gloves and a Red Duff Beer Belt.

I found a good site where a guy shows you how he made his Duffman Costume. Basically I will take his advice and get actual White Superhero boots or use white boot covers if it looks okay (cheaper). There are also white pvc boots. He didn't use a superman costume. But he gives great ideas for how to get the duff logo on the costume and includes links to logo files. I also found this site with another good duffman costume. The second guy describes making his own hat.

Also I like my Halloween Costumes to be as to scale as possible so I will probably use 24oz Budweiser cans or energy drink cans instead of the 12 oz cans he used. I am not worried about their cost. I will empty them from holes in the bottom of the cans so that they have the appearance of being full, and then I will fill them with expanding foam like the guy above did. Then spray paint them red with a few coats and get labels to put on them.

The bear belt itself will be 2 inch red webbing of the heavyweight polypropylene variety . You can also get the hardware for it. It will require some sewing I think but I have plenty of time to get it done well.

officially licensed baseball cap
And then there is the red Duff hat. There is an officially licensed red Duff baseball cap but its brim is black. I looked for a simple Duff patch but haven't found one yet. Currently someone on Ebay is selling an unlicensed fully red replica for around $34.99 which is hella steep. I have plenty of time to look for a cheaper alternative.

That basically leaves the white gloves to find. Its not easy to find arm length white gloves in a men's size. I think the best solution is probably some sort of white dishwashing gloves. I will check out the supermarkets. I also found these serving gloves that look whitish.

  • could be great costume if done well
  • allows you to show off muscles
  • reusable and classic
  • could probably be sold on Ebay
  • probably not a potential group costume
  • expensive and time consuming to do well
  • have to workout arms a lot to look good 
How awesome would it be to have a really good Stormtrooper costume from the Star Wars Movies. While if I win the lottery I could just buy a really good stormtrooper costume. I also found sites on making your own Stormtrooper costume. Though it seems extremely time consuming and not sure I have the funds or space for the equipment.

While this could be one of the coolest costumes on the planet especially if you got an equally insane sidekick to be darth vader or an imperial officer or some other cool costume, its just not realistic

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