Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiny House - Nomadicism Wanted

Hey all to anyone reading this. You know who you might be. I am really interested in changing my living situation, gaining more independence from my family, and finding a way to live more sustainably in greater harmony with nature.

I also desire to be somewhat nomadic as most of my happiness has been roadtripping around the U.S.A. Since I have my micro practice I should be able to do a lot of it from just about anywhere with internet. I plan to have a probate for less website and really try and focus on California Probates. I will do it entirely digital with no kept paper copies. Client files will be entirely digital. In the event that someone wants their client files back I will just burn them a dvd this way I don't have to photocopy a whole file everytime that happens. Hopefully all data and software could all be cloud based so I could work from any laptop, tablet or phone with speedy internet access.

I would also like to build myself a tiny house and get into community gardening. I have applied at a local community garden for a waiting list spot. I have no idea how long that would take to get a garden plot assigned.

As far as tiny houses I am thinking of a modified Fencl by Tumbleweed Houses.

But I would try and build it as cheaply as possible using repurposed wood and other supplies. The idea is to make it sustainable and relatively cheap wherever possible. I believe that eventually these will be the new realities for our world as we are forced by declining energy returns to power down.  I have been inspired by lots of people blogging and posting youtube videos of their building tiny homes experiences. 

A woman named Zoey has a good blog showing how she used ingenuity to  repurpose as much as possible in building her sustainable tumbleweed home. She herself was inspried by Dee Williams who built her own Tumbleweed House with repurposed materials.